Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape Rolls

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Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape Rolls 1.5 in x 10 yds                       
Helps prevent sprains & protect injured areas
4 rolls of 1.5 in. x 10 yds.
The choice of professionals


Apply to skin that has been thoroughly cleansed and is free of hair.
Place tape on smoothly as ridges and bumps may lead to skin irritation.
Avoid excessive tightness which can hinder circulation.
Finger Taping:
Place a gauze pad between the two fingers to be taped together.
Wrap one strip of tape around the fingers between the knuckle and the first joint and a second strip between the knuckle and the lower finger joint.
Wrist Taping:
Wrap tape around wrist in a circular fashion.
Ankle Taping: Step 1
Place 2 anchor strips around lower calf.
Smooth 5 to 6 -stirrup- strips from one side of anchor strip around heel to other side of the anchor strip in a progressively overlapping manner.
The last two of these stirrup strips are applied in a diagonal pattern.
A series of 5 or 6 locking strips are wrapped above the ankle to cover the stirrup strips and hold them in place.
Ankle Taping: Step 2
In order to lock heel, wrap tape around foot - arch, heel and ankle in a repetitive alternating figure-8 pattern.
Ankle Taping: Step 3
The tape is then spiraled up the leg to provide additional support.