DC-Easy-Gluco Blood Glucose Meter

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Gluco Blood Glucose Meter

Easy-Gluco Blood Glucose Meter
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Meter * The EasyGluco G2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System features capillary action and shows you if there is enough blood for an accurate reading * Alternate Site Testing: Test from your forearm thigh calf palm as well as fingers * Bio-sensor technology: Provides accurate results * Fast results in just 9 seconds: Saves you time and effort * Tiny blood sample size - 1.5 microliter: This means less pain for you * Capillary Action: Automatically draws blood into the strip * 200 test memory: Helps you keep track of your results * 7-90 day averaging: Allows flexible monitoring * 5 000 Tests Battery Life: Compared to 1 000 for some of the other leading brands * Lifetime Warranty: Assures easy meter replacement *