Bell Horn CrissCross Sacro-Lumbar Support

Price: $35.90

Item Number: 89183 - 89189/10

Recommended for relief of lower back pain. Helps stabilize lumbar, sacral, and abdominal muscles and ligaments thereby reducing stress on the lower spine.

Features Include:

•*Women should measure from the hips
•Criss Cross bands at back provide a broad area for low back support.
•6" wide overlapping elastic bands permit garment to fit a variety of figure types.
•Criss Cross Back features one-way stretch elastic with hook and loop closures.
•Due to material usage there is a slight price increase for the 3X size, please consult customer service when ordering this item.


Ideal for support of abdominal muscles weakened from repeated surgery. Provides relief for muscle strains and sprains.

Suggested HCPCS Code: A9270          Sadmerc Letter

Sizing Chart: